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The MHB thermally insulated steel system consists of profiles with different lengths and multiple configurations offering an ideal engineering solution for every scenario.


In 2011, MHB designed a new steel window profile for the renovation of the Bauhaus buildings. Classic-ISO is an adaptation of the SL30-ISO® system to meet the aesthetics of the original Bauhaus profiles while preserving its outstanding insulation performance.

Classic ISO Profile

Classic-ISO PLUS®

Available since 2014, Classic-ISO-PLUS® is a deeper and stronger profile which permits operable elements with bigger dimensions than with Classic-ISO while preserving the same appearance.

Classic ISO PLUS Profile


On the market since 2009, this profile is ideal for new, contemporary designs due to its minimal dimensions. Nevertheless it can also be used to renovate historical and listed buildings that have to meet today’s technological performance standards. It allows double glazing and highly glazed panels.

SL30 ISO Profile


This variation on SL30-ISO® has been available since 2013. The profile is deeper and stronger. It can also be fitted with triple glass for an even better insulation performance.

SL30 ISO Plus Profile
Classic ISO Steel Windows used in the Bauhaus Institute restoration

Classic-ISO Steel Windows used in the Bauhaus Institute Restoration

System Configurations

This is an overview of the standard configurations of MHB’s profile systems. Custom, project specific solutions outside the standard product range and sizes are also possible.


Fixed Window Configuration
Awning Window Configuration
Hopper Window Configuration
Casement Window Configuration
Tilt-Turn Window Configuration
Folding Window Configuration


Swinging Door Configuration
Sliding Door Configuration
Pivot Door Configuration

Sliding Doors

Swinging Door Configuration
Pocket Sliding Configuration
Corner Sliding Door Configuration
French Multislide Door Configuration
Stacking Multislide Door Configuration

Folding Doors

Three Leaf Folding Door Configuration
Six Leaf Folding Door Configuration
Ten Leaf Folding Door Configuration

SL30-ISO Steel Sliding Door System. Villa Loo Residence. Photo © Marc Goodwin

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