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Avoid the typical issues you get with steel windows

With typical steel window and door packages you're forced to accept certain realities: designing around super thick structural sections, windows 'sweating', poor energy performance.

MHB has addressed each of these unfortunate issues and developed a solution for each resulting in windows and doors that look beautifully uniform, handles heat deftly, and keeps 99% of the wind and water from leaking in.

Achieve Structural Integrity with Minimal Framing

MHB thin-framed steel profile systems make use of the specific qualities of steel to create very slim yet strong steel profiles for the creation of highly stable windows.

Same Width Across Mullions and Transoms

An important feature of this profile system is the minimal amount of framing needed to achieve structural integrity. MHB extends the sightline of 1 3/4" across mullions and transoms for a universally thin and functional appearance.

Double the Strength, Half the Depth

A SL30-ISO profile with 1 1/4" width and 3" depth has a bending resistance that's almost identical to aluminum curtain wall profiles that are 2" wide and over 5" deep.

Large Glazed Surfaces

MHB profile's high strength allows large window panels to be installed. In many situations, fixed glazed panels can achieve at high of over 9 feet, depending on wind loads and glass specification.

MHB’s window and door systems are NFRC tested (100/200/500-2014)*

Here is a selection of performance values for fixed glazed windows (SL30-ISO®) achieved with three types of glazing according to NFRC standards. Test results as low as shown below:

SL30-ISO-Plus Profile Heatgram

The SL30-ISO-Plus Profile
Heat Diagram

Glazing Type Low-E Solar Glazing Triple Glazing
U Factor 0.28 0.28 0.14
SGHC 0.25 0.19 0.32

* NFRC certified products available exclusively in USA via MHB distribution partners

Individual markets require different values. Please consult with your architectural representative for more thorough information.

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Wind and Water Tightness

The SL30-ISO® steel window system is able to conceal a fully integrated water drainage system within the profiles thanks to the system’s superior sealing components. This results in a high level of wind and water tightness without any visible holes or rain caps.

  Water Tightness EN12208 Air Permeability EN12007
Fixed Windows E1200 (1200PA) Class 4
Turning Outward E1200 (1200PA) Class 4
Tilt-and-Turn Window
(turning inward)
9A (600PA) Class 4
Turning Outward 8A (450PA) Class 4
Turning Inward E750 (750PA) Class 4

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